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Suzanne Blonk - Blonk Films
“Working with Ran Hendriks of Drone Addicts is a joy. With his enthusiasm and ideas, he takes every production to the next level. Drone Addicts doesn't wait for instructions, but comes up with his own suggestions for that just-a-bit-more-spectacular-shot. Everything is organized down to the last detail, so no hassle with authorities; the paperwork is correct and in place. Ran is committed to making your film a stunner, I definitely recommend working with him and Drone Addicts. Translated with (free version)”
Suzanne Blonk
Heijmans drone piloot
Ran delivers top quality, is surprisingly creative and has respect for his clients. For Heijmans he makes beautiful drone footage and timelapses; from the hanging of a lock gate to the insertion of a tunnel. Anything is possible. With guts. Safety first. Flexibility is also one of his qualities. One afternoon he recorded drone footage of a drilling under the A59. I urgently asked him to edit a 30-second summary. He changed his schedule and the footage was broadcast on Omroep Brabant a few hours later.

Tina Talley
Drone Addicts
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